Bing Recharge Lounge

Bing-It-On Challenge at SxSW


When Bing set out to design an activation for SxSW, they looked for an innovative and unique way to highlight its Bing-It-On Challenge while engaging sophisticated ‘techies’ through leading technology.  The solution was a robust RFID activation that incorporated social media.  Guests were able to earn points by participating in the Bing-It-On Challenge and then redeem those credits in RFID enabled vending machines while sharing their experiences across social media on both Facebook and Twitter.  The activation was so successful that it won awards at Bizbash for ‘Best Use of Social Media’ at an event, and for ‘Best Use of RFID’ at an event at the Event Tech awards in Las Vegas.


What We Did
  • Social Media Integration

    Incorporating the latest and most popular social media technologies into our event activations

  • Staffing

    iDEKO manages all on-site security needs to make sure your event is staffed appropriately

  • Executive Production

    From large-scale outdoor activations to indoor lighting and everything in between, iDEKO is a one stop shop for all production needs

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