Red Bull Wingsuit Flight

First-ever wingsuit flight over the Manhattan Skyline


May 18, 2014 was truly an epic day for the Red Bull Air Force, making history by performing the first-ever wingsuit flight over the Manhattan Skyline.  In the early morning hours, the Red Bull team jumped from a plane at 7,500 feet above the Hudson River, and swooped in front of the iconic Freedom Tower and lower Manhattan eventually landing perfectly on a barge floating in the Hudson River.
iDEKO Partner Evan Korn produced the flawless jump and managed the entire permitting process from conception to execution.  He pulled off the next-to-impossible task of securing all necessary permits and approvals, making this historic feat a reality. It was truly an incredible day.



In the press

It’s been years of looking up at the big buildings and wondering if there is a day that I can fly over them. That day was today.

Jeff Provenzino
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